Blendeox concept car

Project Blendeox my homage to awesome 3d software Blender3d,why not to show my great appreciation to Blender developers to blender community and to Chairman of Blender Foundation Ton Roosendaal

I am using it for last 10 + years for my vehicle designs and 3d renderings too.As selftaught automotive designer 3d modeler CGI artist I created amazing concept cars particularly by using blender3d.Later on when I worked on real automotive projects I was forced to recreate my concepts with CADsoftware moi3d which was very hard to model it and to please client with CAD version.For CAD modeling I need total deep concentration,less environment noise and external disturbance,which I don’t have.So in the future if client wants to build one of my concept cars as real car prototype,then he has to find a pro CAD modeler.I will stick with Blender3d at least my products are useful for virtual worlds.Project Blendeox EV could be electric vehicle concept for distant future.It is not easy to be original in automotive design industry,so we blend different existing forms.Even when I was created something more futuristic,less people understand it,mostly industrial designers.Beside 3d modeling I like to sketch concept cars on paper or to create cool digital illustrations with sketchbookpro software.Final image enhancing with GIMP.Enjoy my work :slight_smile:

Check for more of my vehicle concept cars,supercar 3d models for virtual worlds on link

Btw I would like to see how my concept car 3d models are used in some kind of virtual world project,so if you are interested you could use my Blendeox 3d model in your video game and share with me.Or some other concept from my 3d store link I’ve put above.That would motivate me a lot to create more amazing concept vehicles.Please don’t hesitate to ask me :slight_smile: