Blender 15248 Jun 24 2008 Linux32 Win32 , NOW linux64 too :)

This effort has been discontinued thanks to the lack of moderation in these forums concerning my artwork.

hrm? whats new in this build?

from what i gather , the main new thing is new controller logic bricks:

there are various fixes too, I have deleted the emails so you will neeed to go here:
to learn more…

only a few more hours of work, and I will try the 64bit linux build.

You’re going to have to make another new build, there’s been some more new BGE stuff since the new controllers and a new patch by Campbell.

Hi CD,

The last commit was on my time 3:05 PM… I did the build at around 2:55 so I have only missed one patch by Davide Vercelli to bf-blender-cvs. something to do with lighting.

You guys should be pretty much up to date until tomorrow , the 64bit build will include the new commit… If I get it all working.

Thanks for the heads up CD, If I miss something dont be afraid to say something :slight_smile:

Blenderplayer? Where’s blenderplayer?
edit: I also can’t save runtimes. error: Unable to make runtime: Unable to find runtime.

D3D00 the blender player dose not work with the new GLSL stuff, and it has not been included in the source code.

I wrote a little song, kind of a catchy little tune:

There is no blender player for this version.
There is no way to include it.
There is no way to compile it.
There is no way to make runtimes.
There is no way to make EXE files.
There is no way to make stand alone games.
There is no way to do it.

well that is just the chorus, I will work on the rest later.

It has nothing to do with me, as soon as it dose work ,and it is included in the source code, it will be included in the package.

I will personally send you a PM as soon as I got it :slight_smile:

Thanks alot Mmph!, although I saw it on the other guy’s build. But I didn’t really like it. That was the 3 FPS one.

that was an old build, before they removed it.
I am looking forward to the BlenderPlayer too, we are going to be able to make some really kick butt looking stuff :slight_smile:

Installing a fresh Kubuntu over Ubuntu to clean the slate. Wish me luck.
If you dont see another post from me tonight means that GRUB *%&#ed up my MBR.

Ok! it worked!

Here is the 64bit linux version.

sorry it took so long :slight_smile:

Thank you again Mmph!
You never rest?! :wink:
By the way, I’ve probably installed Linux a thousand times? Grub, or even Lilo never
screwed up the MBR, even old versions…good stuff!

Thanks OTO, glad to help out the community :slight_smile:

Ubuntu is the only distro that gives me grief with my MBR. I think it may have something to do with me mixing SATA and IDE drives on the same system. With ubuntu it always trys to write the MBR on hd0, rather than hda0 or sda0. It is no big deal now, I just use a live cd and run grub manually to reapair it. The odd thing is Xubuntu, and Kubuntu do not do this to me, even though they use the same installer.

I may stop using all thease bleeding edge distros anyway, I like the stability of Debian. If I need something bleeding edge, I can just manually install it, or build it myself from sourcecode.

As many ( all?) Linux users, I’ve installed almost all the distros available…but once I’ve tried the Debian 3 ( and read the social contract) the “nightmare” is over!
Never have had a problem with it!
It’s simply amazing how a “net community” could produce such a high ( and big) quality work?!
But I’ve installed ( he he, couldn’t resist the “bleeding edge” tentation) the “testing” 64 ( lenny), and …just as good as the “stable” one?! Incredible!

Cool OTO, the last time I tried Debian was with Woody (stable) and Sid (unstable). Everything went pretty much flawless for the install. I liked the huge package selection in the apt-repository too.

Think I will check out the installer Cd’s after work today. Last time I installed I think needed to get 6 CD’s, later I found out that I could have just used the net installer CD, and got everything from like a 140MB ISO. lol.

Yes, if you can have your net connection working easily/surely at the boot/install, the net installer is just a wonder!
If not, you can try with only the first CD, but with the first DVD is the best option!

great advice OTO, thank you :slight_smile:

I will try the net install first, I have DSL so a simple DHCP should get me connected.
If that fails I will go for the DVD.

Wish me luck :slight_smile:

Hello Mmph!,
I found a bug.
I can’t preview while I vertex paint. The mesh just looks gray.

WOW! I get the same bug! Thanks for pointing this out!! wonder if brecht knows about this one?

I made a crappy awesome UVMap of the GLSL effect of a wall. Here is it.
And it’s darn lucky because of the compression thing of blender


wall.blend (949 KB)