Blender 180° on Blender

Found a bug! O.o (no seriousness)
Look at the attachment :slight_smile:

I did that, by baking a fluidsim on Blender 2.49a, getting bored, opening (during Fluidsim, which probably isn’t recommended^^) Blender 2.5 and testing the (obviously unfinished) BOIDS there :slight_smile:
Boids worked fine (besides not being able to finetune their behaviour as in 2.49). Then, when I looked back to the fluidsim, that’s what I saw :slight_smile:


The quality of your attachment is so bad I couldn’t tell for a moment… but is it just me or is everything upside down??

EDIT: oh, “no seriousness” you say? So it’s a joke…

No, it’s not serious that this is a bug. (Or at least it’s none which would need to be fixed)
Yes, it’s auto-scaled down…
and yes, the whole 2.5-interface is upside down. - that’s the "bug"y part about it. Though, the top line, where you can see the current frame to be baked, is correct and also from 2.49

It’s somewhat clear, or at least expected, that while (pre 2.5)-Blender freezes during bake, and you open a window, it might happen, that the other window shows everywhere over the freezed parts. As soon as the bake is over, you’d just have to move around your mouse and things go back to normal.

What IS strange, however, is, that the interface is suddenly upside down O.o

Well it’s still baking… I could make a better-quality screenshot :slight_smile: (though, now due to bakeupdate, the 3D-view went back to normal. - the rest is still from 2.5)

Just gotta get Gimp to downscale myself (Just had a computer resetup ^^)

Edit: here’s a propper screenshot :slight_smile:

It’s sharper but you don’t see quite more anyway… it’s because of the size. This pic is orriginally 16801050, scaled down to 1024640 - that’s a 39% reduction of allready small text and icons ^^


I know of a quick fix…

Turn your screen upside down.:smiley:

^ Wise words.

Good Idea :smiley: The remaining .49 interface is the smaller part anyway :yes: