Blender 2.04

I try made something in Blender 2.04. When I hit P it doesn’t show my nothing. Do you know why?

thx jm

You’ve got to put your objects into sectors.
Let me see if I remember how to do it:
Create a cube (for each sector), invert the normals (pointing inside) and mark the as sectors in the game window. I think that’s how to do it.


you have realy good memory.
it works, thank you.
do you know where I would find tutorial of Blender 2.04?

Are anyones working in 2.04 at this time?

Hehe! It was a guess - wasn’t really sure about it.
Well, i don’t know. Perhaps there are some tutorials and help on the old NaN site.

Are anyones working in 2.04 at this time?

Not me. Haven’t touched it for ages.

i’m trying 2.04, because it will be in all probability base release whereat will be BlenderEngine run on future and will be developing.