blender 2.22 on mag cd

anyone get the mag ‘PC Creativity’ ?

i was looking thhrough computer mags and noticed this one i’d never seen before. its just a collection of freeware and shareware\demo cds and has a very small mag with tiny reviews of them.

it looked crap to me but when i saw blender in the list of classic software i had to buy it. the mag said nothing about blender even though it is definately to best thing on the cds! :x

everything on the cds is old versions, blender 2.22

someone should try and get blender on 3dworlds or other mag cd’s, blender is tiny in size compared to the demos they have

It’s in Radiosity magazine, I would like to see a Blender magazine to fund it.

a blender mag would kick ass! id love to see that happen, although its probably not…

blender is gonna be featured in the next 3dworld issue! (issue 38 )

together with yafray!

(i wrote the tutorial!)

absolutely spiffing!


Congratulations. That is quite an accomplishment. I would like to thank you by the way for your contributions, not just to the community, but to the 3D industry as a whole. You have no idea the impact that one can make on an inspiring artist breaking into such an exciting yet chaotic field. Tutorials written by enthusiastic individuals such as yourself aid people like me that are curious about the industry…people looking for serious and competitive answers. I myself have found your lessons very helpful and inspirational in terms of building from the exceptional foundations you provide. You can bet I will be buying that issue (I have been putting off getting a subscription for the past 15 issues…my wife and I agree on it every time we are at the counter with the mag in hand only to find our selves purchasing yet another one, and another one, and another one…ahhhhh!). Anyways, good luck and keep educating us.

Landis R. Fields IV

P.S. Hello again everybody.

well well well! now thats one hell of a compliment from an artist like you!!!



Dotblend!!! Dude, that is just awesome!!! Congradulations!!! :wink:

I would like to say thank you for your efforts as well, its great to see so many people wanting to spread the gospel about our favorite program and eventually take over the world…

…but that will come later!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

LAAAAANDIIIIS!!! hi! nice to see you back! :smiley:
What where you doing lately?


I have definatley been a lil’ busy :wink: . I have been good though …how about yer’ self?

Hi Dotblend
I bought 3DWorld and I did your tutorial just for the fun of it as I have been using Blender for the last two years. But, if I did not have that experience I think I would have got lost very easily. For a complete novice the problem would have been ‘How do I bring up a specific menu item’ but I suppose they have to start somewhere. In actual fact I did learn about the 3D button, thanks for that. By the way did you see the abismal efforts they made in trying to reproduce the cup, saucer and orange in Truespace and the other programmes? Why didn’t they feature Blender as well? I would have loved to see your efforts for this.
Anyway keep up the good work!