Blender 2.25 and 2.23

(kirpre) #1

Is it possible to have 2.25 and 2.23 installed at the same time. I have 2.23 installed already and I wanted to try out 2.25, but don’t want to screw anything up by installing them both at the same time if that is not a good idea. Thanks.

(monocult) #2

you can.

windows install every version of blender in a diverent directory

Linux do the same every version in another Directory

(Shaftoe) #3

Sure…just keep each distro in its own dir…



that way, each blender exe is kept w/ the correct version of the python20.dll

I currently have v2.20, v2.23, and v2.25 all on the same box and all run fine.