blender 2.25 python api and getting old scripts to work with

(Adrian) #1

has anybody been able to do this??? i am currently having a problem with the line: scene = Blender.getCurrentScene()
i know i need this variable for the script to work so how do i get the necessarry data into the variable in 2.25?

incidentally it is the virtuallight export script that came with virtualight 1.2 and it works without modification on 2.23

(Koryo) #2

Hello Adrian,

I am not completely sure of this, but I believe that the Python API in 2.25
was changed significantly (almost completely) from previous versions. Is it
questionable whether or not you will be able to get the script to work under
2.25 even with modification.

Having said that, to get the currect scene:

x = Blender.Scene.getCurrent()

I hope this helps.

(Adrian) #3