blender 2.25

I understand that developing a game is easier in blender2.25. Where can I get blendeer2.25.I am a newbee and I have just started using blender2.34

how is it supposed to be easier in 2.25?

everything you can do in 2.25 you can do the same way in 2.34

z3r0_d is right. Plus Blender 2.34 has a much friendlier interface. Hmm, where did you hear it was easier to create games with 2.25?

Well, if you really want to create games there that might not work as well on later versions of blender (depending on what you do), by all means use 2.25. Note: Some games in blender 2.25 has been known to run slowly in 2.34.

Here’s the link to Blender 2.25

Jason Lin

Thanks a lot.In the reference manual itself it is mentioned that game engine is not fully functional in 2.34 and for games use 2.25. That’s why I wanted 2.25.
Thanks again,

Umm, what reference manual are you reading? It is fully functional as far as I know of. Given there are a few bugs that still have to be fixed, I think any game you can make in 2.25 can be made with 2.34. Blender 2.25 is great, but no new features will be added to that. Later versions of Blender will contain newer features. On the plus side 2.34 allows you to use polyheaders giving you more than one type of collision boundary for your actor. In 2.25 the only one you get is the sphere. In 2.34 you can have cube, cylinder, sphere, and one more thing, I forget.

I don’t know, but it would be better if more people started making games with the newer versions of blender that come out. That way more things from it can be tested, newer features added. It is the future of the Blender game engine.

Jason Lin