Blender 2.26 but why no game engine?

He guys the new blender is download able at (2.26) with some bugs fixed and much more. But bad news to us guys, the game engine isn’t added to this version :frowning: x 5. Does someone know why they did that?? I know the game engine will terurn but why not in 2.26 ??? :-?


Does someone know why they did that?? I know the game engine will terurn but why not in 2.26 ???

Why do you worry! we have 2.25 and as long as it will return there is nothing to worry about.

You can read it somewhere on why they didn’t added the realt-time engine.


No I’m not worry about it but I was all the time thinking about a new blender version with better game engine like fixed bugs. So I expected that they fixed some blender game engine bugs. But better next time. :slight_smile:

They can’t fix any game engine bugs until they get physics BACK into the game engine. On open source, the group that made the physics code wouldnt let the code be used in the open source project. The developers just haven’t gotten the game engine sorted out yet, but it will return in time, with many improvements.

pffffft :< How could they :x :x

Aaargh, :x strange? Why wouldn’t they give the game engine source? Maybe they like to play jerk?

Guys. stop being stupid. This is the dawn of the new blender. didn’t you read? “WE ARE WORKING HARD ON GETTING REALTIME TOGETHER”

plus make a freaking game with what you got instead of bitching


:x JD-multi is right, guys be thankful not impatiant

Just think the more we wait the better it’l be…



shucks, I fRucked up. :o … scuse me partna… :Z

DOOGSSSS! ISSS COOREECTT>>> lets not be impasiant…

its no biggy that we have ta wait for the game engine. in the mean time we can just think of all the new stuuuuf…

/me froths at the mouth .

if u have tried out blenderODE, youd be presently suprised at the new physics and will wait anxiously for the release when they are implemented :smiley: X 1million

Also you can make a LOT of good games without those features. the more you learn now, the better youll use the new tools. focus your whining energies into creativity. for instance make a prototype game with holes in for when the physics engine comes, so then youll have all this cool stuff to work with!


when it does come back, i hope it gets a lot better
gameblender runs WAY too slow compared to other game engines

I’m just thinking about the game engine. Some day ago I saw another game engine that suports 100.000 vertexes in 1 scene, does someone know how much blender suports in 1 scene? And why is the engine running on open-gl and not on direct-x. Last time I made a game with over 40 cubes ( 8 vertexes a object) for making a level, but when i run it with 1024 mb ram, 64 voodoo 2 and 2 ghz, everything goes lack. I think they could not fix bugs in the engine ( fix them later ) but first make it more faster. Maybe a new idea for the developers of blender. I also want to know how much vertexes the unreal 2 engine supports, I saw the game but I think it supports more than 1 milion if you see the graphics :o also of unreal tournament 2003. :smiley:

The game engine can be done without in the latest version of blender, but it will return. It isn’t the end of the world, don’e act like the developers have failed you.

that said the game engine does need some new features.

I don’t know of a game blender vertex or poly limit, but it gets too slow at around 10,000 faces. I have done things with over 40,000, but… well, it is kinda painful.

Blender is slow about handling multiple objects. More than 15 dynamic objects seems like too much. Also multiple skinned objects is quite demanding.

Blender doesn’t, and should never use, directx because it isn’t cross platform. For what blender does it isn’t really preferred either.

The unreal 2 engine can do with more polygons because it only renders what may be visible (and a bunch of other tricks). Occlusion culling, and octree frustrum culling make improvements, but could not be implemented in blender easily because it would require the level be further calculated on before the realtime simulation can begin. I don’t know how long the unreal 2 level editiors take, but would you be able to stand waiting 10 minutes before testing your level each time you changed something?

For the less informed:
Occlusion culling simply does not render objects that are occluded (obscured) completely by other objects.
Frustrum culling simply does not render faces or objects that are outside of the camera field of view.
… and some people consider the way directx works inferior. (like that each vertex can only have 1 vertex color, so multiple vertex colors on one vertex would be multiple verticies, and more data… I think, I don’t use directx)

ehem… I don’t mean to sound LOST or anything :expressionless: but, what’s blenderODE?