blender 2.26 crashes on render in linux


I have a problem with blender not rendering. The program seems to crash everytime I try to render a scene.

I am running an LFS system with kernel 2.4.20 and gcc3.2. I compiled the application with no problems.

My HW is this: an AMD Athlon 900, Radeon 7500, 1/2G RAM etc

Here is what the program outputs when It crashes:
GHOST_EventPrinter::processEvent, time: 37989, type: GHOST_kEventCursorButtonUp, button: 0
blender: radeon_vtxfmt.c:1057: radeonVtxfmtUnbindContext: Assertion `vb.context == ctx’ failed.

Any Ideas on why this happens, or a better place to ask would be greatly appreciated,

Thank you all

what driver are you using for that Radeon card? seems that’s the problem.

Try getting one of the older versions of Blender, both static and dynamic versions.

I am using the Radeon DRI drivers from Xfree86 4.3

I tried blender 2.25 before but there were some lib discrepancies, I didn’t know there was a static version. I’ll check for that.