Blender 2.3 black & white theme

I did new theme for blender 2.3
[!] It isn’t for beginner.[!]

first full size screenshot

second full size srceenshot


Very comfortable on the eyes… i like it

i really like it too

very comfortable for the eyes as it was said in the last post …


Love it, so much that i downloaded it.
Just a small hint though. White not with. Theme Name in the .B.blend file = ‘Black & With’ :smiley:

ohh thanks :expressionless: you can set it in the blender 2.3 how do you like it.

Hey that’s a good one!

I must say, that is a… goog?.. theme there…

Yo Ali-G ma brotha

sss wickee aye

but is it possible (well i know it is :P) to get the bright white text to be a light grey or even a dark colour (as a colour will naturally be readable against a B/W/Grey background)

this is nice its much easier on the eyes, but the white on the black could be nicer on the eyes.

just a sugestion :slight_smile:


I like it.

Goog would be the right anwser(whatever that means)
It’s not very hard to make it, but it isn’t bad and it takes time…
Hmm… Heavy metal blender… my brother would like that :smiley:

Nice I think I might use that theme instead of the default.

I made it for 15 minutes.I have not got lots of times.

Please write me what do I can change and I try change it.

i think it’s great!

you readly need to wrok on your typing :smiley:

I like that it says ‘Goog’ instead of “Good.” Because this is just, and I mean this, an extremely goog theme on Blender. :wink:


im not really one for playing with the themes, the only thing i changed on mine is the pink (YUK!) to a nice blender orange, for verts and object mode…

How do you edit themes?

In preferences window there’s a new button “themes” in 2.3. Click, then click “Add” and choose the colors for the different functions in the two menus.

Hi, I like this theme too, the only “bug” I’ve found is that the UI and Buttons Neutral color needs to be darker. When I go to put in the name of an Object in the Map To field of the material settings, the text is bright white and the background is almost as white. Can’t read what I’m typing.

Other than that, I’ll be using this theme :slight_smile:

very goog

Yes I want to try this goog-looking theme out! :smiley: