Blender 2.3 blurs

It’s that, my Blender 2.3 interface gets blurred !?!

When I select a viewport, the bottom UI blurs or the top menu blurs…

I can’t read a thing until I pass my mouse over it!

I have a GF4 MX440, 1 GB RAM, Pentium Xeon Dual, latest NVidia Drivers, I don’t think it’s a hardware problem…

Thanks for any help…

go into the display propteries
settings tab
advanced button
and look for opengl settings


sorry to ask but I’m blender newbie and I couldn’t find Display properties in v2.3

aanyone ?

I think he meant your windows display

yes, that’s it. I’ve just found it. Now its corrected.

It corrected a program I was developing with C++ and GLUI too.

Why the hell anti-alias e anisotropic filtering works well for games, but mess up standard application ???