blender 2.3 guide sighting

On a visit to LA this week I was astonished to come across two copies of the blender 2.3 guide at a barnes and noble. If anyone is interested they are located in the computer arts section, at the barnes and noble located in the grove (near the farmers market).

there’s a copy at Borders books in Farmington Ct.


There is one at my home : you want it ? It’s just gathering dust… so outdated already.

I have a copy signed by Ton! (Collectors item?) :slight_smile:

The Blender Book, by Carsten Wartmann is available at my library

We also have the “The Blender book / Carsten Wartmann ; translated by Nick Hoff and James Gray” at our local library.

“The CD-ROM contains Blender 1.8 for all platforms (Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, SGI IRIX, Solaris, and BeOS …”

Powell’s books in Portland, OR, has had the 2.3 guide since right after it came out: