Blender 2.3 Guide : Still useful ?


I would like to know if the Blender 2.3 Guide printed in 2004 is still useful for a newbie, a lot of changes have occurred since 2.32. Are all procedures presented still actual with the new tools ? Is the interface of 2.40 close enough to the one of 2.32, which is used in the book ?

I ask these questions because I want to start blending with the help of a good paper documentation, this book seemed to be appropriate but all the changes since then (and its price too I admit) make me think twice before ordering it :slight_smile:

Is there any other books about blender ?

(the same goes for old tutorials) you can follow whats in the book inconjunction with 2.40, most of the names, terms, and hotkeys should be the same, the differences that you may have problems with are: the pictures will no longer be accurate, and some of the buttons may not be in the same place. but it will use the same processes. so if you are careful, and “translate” the instrutions as best as you can figure, you should be alright.

good luck blendering, and I hope to see your stuff up soon

Yes…I asked this same question about 5-6 weeks ago. The responses I got persuaded me to buy it and I’m not a bit sorry. True, I have seen alot of the material posted in various places on the web, but I prefer a book. Sometimes it helps to get off the tube and read and study and think about what you might try next.