Blender 2.3 Guide

Hello Everyone,

I am considering buying the Official Blender 2.3 Guide, but was wondering if anyone knows if there will be an Official 2.4 version. And if so, what timeframe.

Do you think the 2.3 guide is worth the price now that 2.4 is out?

Thanks for your time!

I have always wanted to buy the guide, even knowing it was outdated. I think many wouldn’t want to pipe up here because they know the benefits to the blender foundation if you pay for a book. On the other hand they also know that several parts of the guide will be outdated, for example the sub-surf features, and the lack of soft-body features.

Therefore, to appease all, perhaps you will want to view the online documentation unless you want to cozy in your chair with a printed volume, and then make a donation of $14 to the blender foundation, or buy an Orange DVD for whatever that costs so everyone benefits!

I thought about collecting a few new features a day and squeezing out a pdf, but even that is a massive task. Hats off to the Blender Doc/Wiki team, it is definately hard work.
I think the 2.3 manual is still awesome tho.

I bought the 2.3 guide about a year ago… but even today I’d be inclined to because 1) a book in the hand beats two in the bush --er, reading them on the internet --er, it’s just handy, and 2) most of the material in that book is still relevant: some interface features have changed but that’s superficial. For newer things you can always go to the Blender wiki documentation.

Of course, if you don’t mind doing all your reading on the internet then save a buck and wait a year for the 2.40 guide to come out.

disclaimer all time calculations are done by an arcane and complex formula so secret that even the author has no idea how it works.

Hope this helps.

Hello again,

Thanks for the info, I think I will buy the book. When at work, I cannot connect my laptop to the network to get to the internet. That means reading the material on one (work) computer, and practicing on my laptop. While I can read material on the internet, reading (anything)seems a bit more enjoyable without the need for keyboard or mouse.

Thanks again and Happy New Year to all!!!