Blender 2.3 Official Guide

The Official Blender 2.3 Guide is getting in its final editing process!

The guide will be on pre-sale and early deliver on the Foundation site ( ) at a pre-sales discount price of USD 39, excluding shipping and taxes.

This will be the key target of a new community wide support campaign, to cover Foundation expenses, but also to pay for Elysiun hosting.

It will be then printed by NoStarch press later on, probably appearing February/March 2004 for worldwide distribution.

Stay carefully tuned on site, we expect the campaign to launch in a couple of days!

Ton & Stefano


Thanks for the update S68 :smiley:

I am a little puzzled by this statement though (probably will be explained in more detail soon, but just to clarify matters):

“It will be then printed by NoStarch press later on, probably appearing February/March 2004 for worldwide distribution.”

So what will the people who pre-order be getting?

An on-line version of the publication including the book when it is printed by NoStarch Press


early release hard-copy version of the book published by NoStarch Press

Thanks again.
I’ll be watching the blender site for more information.

What will the advantage be for those of us who will buy it, over just using the online doc?


Sounds good! I think I’m gonna buy one. Though I’m also waiting for some more info on what the pre-order covers.


What will the advantage be for those of us who will buy it, over just using the online doc?

Well, for one you support the Blender Foundation, and the costs of the servers!

PS: I always get reminded about how quickly computer and software technology advances… What Blender version will we have by March 2004, when the books are printed??

sounds great Stefano!

please tell me when! :wink:

Ok perhaps i should have made myself clear…

I understand that my purchase will do that following:

  1. Support the foundation
  2. Give me a hardcopy of information, most of which I already understand and know. I dont claim to be a Blender god, but much of the basic information covered in the Online doc, I already know, as do many of the avid blender users out there.

What i want to know is, why would i buy a copy instead of downloading the 2.0 guide from the Blender Foundation site? As I said, I know that it will support the foundation, but why else?



PS. I’m already going to buy one, I’m just looking for answers to questions that those who will be more reluctant to buy might have. Perhaps some answers would produce more sales :wink:

To get information on new features and to have a hard copy paper copy that you can browse without having to boot your computer.

Ton said that it’s highly probable that the first copies pre-ordered will be signed by himself with a personnalised message.


Are there any plans for other language versions? I would like to make/help with a german translation. I think I’ pretty good at that (Most of my money comes from translating software documentation)

So what will I do? :frowning:

Blender E-shop wrote:
Credit Card
Visa, Mastercard and American Express are only accepted via the PayPal system.
- adds around 25€ (400 EEK) to the price tag if I pay outside Estonia…

PayPal works with all major credit cards, as well with bankaccounts
- nope, it doesn’t. Not here it doesn’t…

Bank Transfer
Our bank, the Postbank, accepts international transfers. .
- ahem, +25€

Western Union
An easy and international system to transfer money. Costs you about $9.50
- Never heard of it, prolly for the states.

Checks of all major (internation) Banks are accepted, please verify with your bank first
- no checks here either. Needs a special application to get a checkaccount or smth…

So what will poor old me do?

yes! i cant wait! will it ever come out to local bookstores?
(i dont like buying stuff online, but ill still buy it)

Sounds good !
I might ask for this as a Christmas present, but I’ll wait for more info…$39 (£25 sterling on Amazon) is a LOT of money for a book, so it would have to be damned good !
(not that I’m doubting that it is, I’d just like lots of info on what I’d be getting)

the last book was like $40, and it was damn worth it

ive bought nearlly every book from the blender site :slight_smile: i cant wait A PRINTED aramature tutorial !!! finally yay. i love printed books much preffer it to reading of a screen.

I’ve got the V1.5 Manual revised with V1.8 Appendix, that one is great to. It’s up to date dudes, so why buying the Blender 2.30 manual?? :wink:

Ok then, why didn’t they wait until all bugs are fixed, and then publish the manual? Becuase there are new features coming in the upcoming version (2.31, 2.32), ok but I don’t stop ya buying it, because all the things I buyed from the e-shop was worth it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi S68,

Does the new Blender 2.3 Guidebook mean that there will not be anymore updating on the online documentation especially with new features emerging?


carnivore - go into your local bank and ask them if they do bank checks - normally they do, in nz they only cost 5$ - about 2.5 Euros

Sounds great :smiley: Ill add it to my wish list :wink:

BTW … $40 USD is nowhere near expensive for a manual of this nature ,
I went to chapters looking for a book on blender when I found out about it and they had books for maya and shit for like $200 and up …

I paid over $250 for a photoshop guide and it is worth its weight in gold , let alone the 250 I paid for it …

As for a good reason to buy the hardcopy , I have a dual display system and still find it hard to have blender and a few other apps going and surf the web , itr would be stellar to whip out a book asap and hit the index to find exactly what Im looking for … Paper beats online docs hands down when it comes to that stuff :wink:

Cant wait to check it out

Excellent, I think I’ll also put it on my Christmas wish-list. I could use a good book, since I still have a lot to learn about Blender, and I hate reading such things off a computer-screen. The question remains though, couldn’t they better wait until Blender 3.0 to publish a new book?