Blender 2.3 with a laptop?


I’m trying to use Blender 2.3 on my laptop. Unfortunately, the numpad seems to be the primary way to manipulate the camera/view. I don’t have a numeric keypad available.

I googled it a bit, and found this:

But “user preference -> System & opengl -> emulate numpad” doesn’t seem to exist in Blender 2.34.

Does anyone know how I can remap the numpad to other keys? Sure, my laptop has the numpad keys with special function key combos, but that’s not a good solution.

Any ideas?


Its there! If your are using the default startup go to the top header (the one with the “i”, user preferences) and drag the window down.

Failing that change one of the other windows to the “i” type and do System & opengl -> emulate numpad.


Cool. I totally didn’t realize I could drag it down. That worked! Thanks!

Greybeard, thanks from me too; I also use blender on a laptop. Coincidentally I just got a 3 button mouse for my laptop, which helps to avoid the “middle mouse button emulation” key combinations. What’s also nice about this is that the Shift-0 combination for setting the camera to current view works, which I couldn’t get to work via keypad emulation.