Blender 2.32 issues

At first, many thanks to the coders for the loads of great new features in the new version. But two issues:

  1. The new version does not remember the last working directory. It always starts in the directory where the Blender.exe is located and I didn’t find the option to change that.

  2. I noticed a strange behavior in my image “WebRobots”. The wire texture of the globe shows trough as you can see here. In 2.31a it rendered correctly. The wireframe on the globe is a spherical mapped image texture multiplied to the alpha channel. It is lit by a point light inside the globe in order to make the inner surface white and thus invisible in front of the white background. I didn’t use the “wire” material option because it showed similarly strange behaviour in 2.31a already.

My best educated guess is that the World exposition setting is too high for 2.32, thus causing an over-exposition on the image. Remember that the way exp. is calculated was changed on 2.32 to give more flexibility. Even more exp. options were added on 2.32.

Try to lower the exp. and then, if finer control is needed, lower the energy value of the lights… but start with the exp. setting since that is likely to be the problem here.

Since the wire is behind other objects it shouldn’t show through no matter how strongly it is lit or what value the overall exposure is set to.

it is behind another object, but that object just happens to be transparent, so go figure.

Now that you mentioned it, did you try using the set alpha, but no Ztransp on the globe? (and forgeting about raytraced alpha) ?

Ahh, now I’m beginning to understand: If it’s lit too strongly it will show through more than the background?

[…tweaking parameters for a while…]

I changed exposure, range, light source energy but couldn’t get rid of the anomalies. Isn’t there a setting for backwards compatibility?

ZTransp is on - just as in 2.31a where it worked. RayTransp is off.

Turn off the Ztransp… you don’t want to see the continents on the other side of the globe, so why turn it on in the first place. (Make sure that the wire-frame is slighly bigger than the globe itself).

And if the wire then starst to mess up the continents, use the continents map as a dissplacement map… that should take care of the whole problen… it is kind of a work-around… we are not reallly solving the problem, but the end-result is the same. :smiley: