Blender 2.32 RPM (Redhat/Fedora)

Don’t know if anyone is still using these, however, I’ve added a RPM for Blender-2.32 to my 3d Graphics RPM archive.

It was built on the latest release of Fedora Core Linux (1), and I believe it will continue to function on Redhat 9.

If it doesn’t just PM me and I’ll get you the source rpm.



thanks hazmat :smiley: :smiley:


Does the wings rpm run on Fedora Core 1 as well?

(can’t check myself atm as I’m running windows)

Your welcome, I figured if I make them for me, someone else may want them…

Yes, the latest version of wings runs on fedora, but you will need my latest libesdl and erlang rpms as well…



Hi, you should contact the release manager(s) for Blender (who is it?) and ask if they would be willing to linclude your RPM at I wonder is it also possible to list it at


Since we’re talking about Fedora…

I noticed when I did my last yum update that Fedora has updated the gcc libs. My old Blender binaries stopped working. I built a Blender 2.32 from source, and that works.

I thought I would pass this along in case anyone else was confused after their latest yum update.

Since you brought that issue, most probably, if you download and install the compat-gcc-7.3, compat-gcc+±7.3, compat-libstdc+±7.3 and compat-libstdc+±devel-7.3 libraries, the problem will be solved with out the need to compile Blender every time from the source and all your older Blender binaries will start working again… :wink:

At least that’s how I solved it… :wink:

Hazmat, you have done a great job… :smiley:

Good tip. Thanks. It takes a little while to build Blender, and I like to play with the dev builds to see all of the new goodies in the pipe.