Blender 2.32 YAFRay rendering error

When i’m trying render this directly in Blender using YAFRay, i always get:

4 [unknowhn (0x668)] yafray handle_exceptions: Exception: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION
156131 [unknown (0x668)] yafray open_stackdumpfile: Dumping stack trace to yafray.exe.stackdump
Could not execute yafray. Is it in path?

When I turn photons off (what’s silly – I need caustics, refractions and all the stuff), this error doesn’t appear.
I’m using Blender 2.32 and Yafray 0.0.6 final. Can someone trace from the code I gave you what’s happening – what’s wrong?

P.S. one more thing: the numbers vary in every try…

It may be worth checking whether you have the actual latest Yafray (there was a new one posted about a day after the initial release of 0.0.6 final).

You might want to try deleting your yafray folder then reinstalling again just in case (make sure you delete the folder, as old yafray files may be used accidentally).