Blender 2.33 can't create exe

Everytime I click on save run time, I get a “Unable to make runtime: unable to find runtime”? Does B2.33 support exe creatio under Windows, or am I doing something wrong?

No it doesn’t support it. You need to use 2.25 for this until 2.34 is released, when the function should be restored.

2.34 should also have support for Shadow and multitexture, right?

mpan3, 2.34 should have support for Shadow and multitexture.

If you can’t wait a couple more days, I think July 25 is the release of 2.34 (or am I wrong). Well I have great news for you. Hehe you can create a runtime in 2.33. Check out this elysiun post.

You need to have Python 2.2 installed though.

Jason Lin

You meant:

(simple mistake) :wink:

The release date is between Aug 2-3.

Thanks for the heads-up, but I am really interested in the shadow capability, and multitexture.

I don’t know if they have a bf-blender build with that, maybe someone here knows of one?