Blender 2.33 is no longer loading .gif images??!!

ok, this is starting to get really frustrating for me…

Recently I re-installed WindowsME on my system…afterwards however, all blender versions stopped loading .gif images, even 2.33a…

So, I downloaded and installed the newest version of DirectX, and the newest drivers for my graphics card…After I did that I redownloaded and reinstalled blender2.33a…

and after all that, ITS STILL NOT LOADING .GIF IMAGES! :x Even when i try to map them onto an object with the UV editor and try to view the object in potatoe mode, the object is still pink…

this is really weird…and frustrating…ive tried about everything…so does anyone out there have any idea how i could fix this?

Have you installed QuickTime? Blender does not support loading GIF images directly, but does via the QuickTime connection. The fact that you say it’s a new installation makes me think this is the case.

thats it!!! :smiley:

thanks for the help!

Heh, since when is Blender using DirectX? :wink:

And why the HECK do you want to load GIF images into Blender? :o

game engine…only gif and tga images can hold alpha data in the game engine…and tga images can be very hard on your graphics card sence it holds semi-transperant data…

Well, you could use PNGs.


i might…it doesnt have auto-alpha testing like gif format does though…i could lessen the amount of semi-transperant pixels with photoshop, but im not sure if i could get it to a level where there would be NO semi-transperant pixels…Is png format easier on the graphics card? I know gif format is alot smaller file size…

What do you mean by auto-alpha testing?

Either way, your graphic card does not store the textures in their original format. The format only affect the loading time and storing size needed for the texture.


i see…in that case ill probably have to do some testing to determine which format ill stick with…most likely use gif in the end tho…

oh, by “auto alpha-testing” i meant that when you save any image as .gif it automatically removes all semi-transperant parts of the texture…i would have to use some post-processing to get that to work with png however sence its not automatically done.

I get it now. Well, that’s only because Gif’s don’t really have an alpha channel, they only have an alpha mask.


I did a render test for PNG with RGBA selected for render the file size was: 228,000
with RGB selected the file size was:
. . . just thought this might factor into your decision.

png is compressed a lot better if you save from an image app

particularly if you make it a pallatized image [like a .gif], you will not loose much quality but the result will be a LOT smaller.

blender can render jpeg images with alpha channels, which only blender seems to load alwright…

oh… That I didn’t know.