Blender 2.33 release date & features?

Is there a release date in the pipeline for ver 2.33 and what can we expect of the new version?

Blender rules, cant wait for the new release :smiley:

The main thing that’s coming is the re-introduction of the Game Engine and tweakage thereof. 2.33 isn’t really about new things, I think - it’s more about building a solid foundation for futher improvement and refinement of existing features. Release-wise it should be sometime either this wekk or the next, I believe. Hopefully :slight_smile:

it will also have built in ao, and that is awesome!

i think the ao is worth an update :wink: this rely rocks and improves blenders rendering. i am just readnig a 3d compadian mainly about the science behind it. and heya there the list vertex based radiosity. kinda funny since electri image has a similar radiosity for stills and selectable objects but not for animation as well :slight_smile:

i hope a metal specular shader will be introduced soon as well.


Here´s the page with the new stuff for 2.33 (mainly AO, new textures and new soft shadows):

another download slot!

hey arangel since you use os x can you compile plug ins for blender?


Claas, I have a Power Mac G3 with Mac OS 10.2. It´s not my primary machine, thou. Anyway, if someone instructs me on how to compile those, sure I can help. I´ve never compiled anything, not even on Windows…

I’m wondering if there’s going to be a big difference in the way the Game Engine works in 2.33 rather than 2.25. I hope with the release there’s going to be a fair amn’t of documentation on everything that’s been changed in it!! Because if not I’m going to be lost!! LoL

The code in CVS is frozen. So it is coming…! :smiley:

there are new bound types
(box, cone, cylinder, polyheader)

otherwise it should be the same

Not too important, but do you know if the cubic UV projection will be fixed?

I am very excited about this new release. I have been wanting to learn how to use the game engine.


it looks like it has

What is meant by “fixed?”


2.33 was just released, it’s up on the main page at