BLENDER 2.34 pre !!!

Hi, i woke very early this mornig and what did i fuond ??
Official BLENDER 2.34pre - and sun started to shine :smiley:


Yeeeha! :Z :stuck_out_tongue: :Z :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool. Downloading now.

You know I always thought I’d wait until the next official release. But just recently I became so anxious to try the edge weighting crease stuff that I just had to download it.

It’s fantastic!

I’m going to switch to this version rather than use 2.33a anymore. Hey - I’m not running a studio - I can afford to take a few risks. :smiley:


Nathan’s huge ipo patch.

  • now more than 31 channels possible for ipos
  • added lotsa new channels all over
  • Texture block has ipo now too
  • recoded getname_ei functions

So does this mean the 32 RVK limit is gone???

hey where did the mnac osx download go?

a new build was provided in its own thread

Wow. I just had a bit of a look at LCSM unwrapper tool and I have to say that I’m really impressed. This looks like another great addition to 2.34.

I don’t know a hell of a lot about UV mapping and unwrapping in general so maybe it’s not such a fantastic addition. But I’m impressed anyway. :slight_smile:


How do you crease edges and access the color picker?

R2Blend…very simple…

  1. To crease…select an edge by selecting two vertices or more.
  • then press Shift + E and move your mouse up and down to select
    sharper and softer curves.
  1. To access the color picker…simply "click "on the color :slight_smile:

Take care,