BLENDER 2.34 pre2 - for WINDOWS



Your link takes me to the forum but where can I download version 2.34?
I can’t find a link to it on that forum.

you missed the red text which says “Download me”

woo hoo! this new stuff is great! I really like the AA fix in the renderer a LOT. oh, and edge creasing on subdiv surfaces is a fantastic feature!

i’m especially impressed with this 2.34 release because not only have existing fundemental problems been addressed, but the NEW features are truly usefull in the real world as well.


unlike a CERTAIN company that slaps the latest buzzword features on the box, whether they actually work or not, ignoring the fact that the app crashes every five minutes.


anyway, kudos to the development team! great work!

Yuk yuk zero.

Fergit it, I’ll wait till the final release link is posted on Blender’s main site.

Every download link I see takes me to the 2.33 version.

That’s because it’s a pre release, the version number hasn’t changed yet.