Blender 2.34 Problem Please i need a fix!

Hi i recently downloaded blender 2.34 and boy its great just one BIG problem. whenever i render a object the render pops up then when i close the render window the whole blender window does this (look at image below)

I dont know why it does that this only happens in Version 2.34

The computer im using

Pentium 3 700Mhz

Im getting a new computer in september which will be this
Pentium 4 2.8Ghz
Geforce FX 5950

your image link doesn’t work. difficult to see the solution without seeing the problem

Copy and paste the link, in a new tab. The direkt link does not work because

I see the image, but I dont know what is the solution.

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You might want to unpack the .blend file before you render. Does it always have this problem? When you start up with the default scene and render it, does it have this problem?

Copy paste link into address bar

ya it does that almost every time i render anything!

LOL, funky pic! Might be Open GL problem, maybe drivers. Have you changed the hardware acceleration setting, Color display, mouse shadows, and does the blender screen shrink as part of this problem, or are you not running it as fullscreen? You can try any or all of those, fullscreen first.


I get exactly the same problem on my 700MHz G3 ibook with 384MB Ram and Radeon 7500 16MB. Textured objects viewed in potato mode go a similar way now and again. I thought it was an ATI thing but I’m not sure. I have the latest drivers etc. so I then thought it could be to do with VRam as I only have 16MB. How much VRam do you have?

Check out:

See how the image in the back messes up. This happens as well as my window messing up like yours when I render.

some mysterious voice whispers


and disappears.

This problem i have has been fixed,

All i needed to to was to go on to my desktop right click then go to properties and then to my graphic card settings and then advaced and change my open gl thing from performance to quality. Now blender 2.34 works like a dream!!!