Blender 2.34 questions

I downloaded the 2.3 manual but the manual doesn’t seem to be up to date with the new particle system and with other stuff like LSCM :-? . Ok i admit i am a total noob.

<u>A lot of questions</u>

I think i have a good bit of knowledge in it yet things like RipSting’s fiber generator and making clothes still baffle me. I need to understand to total aspect of texturing and all the other stuff incorporated in 3d animation. If any one can point me in the right direction please help me.

I need textures for my human male’s clothes. :o

I need a full tutorial on the fiber generator. :stuck_out_tongue:



The 2.3 manual will help you take that info and put it in Blender.

Blender doesn’t support cloth so you will have to model clothes. Read my sig to see how to use the search function and see the past discussions on this topic.


Thanks for the link for the texture tutorials. That will greatly help me in my models, especially since i do have photoshop 7.0…

I already have the fiber generator for 2.34 by ripsting, but i just need to know how to use it… And could someone please tell me how to use LSCM in detail? :expressionless:

For LSCM, GreyBeard made an excellent video tutorial on it. If you search the Blender General forum, you should easily find it.


Ok but the file is way to big. Is there any where i can get a printable version.

P.S. Where is the best place to get free great textures for LSCM?