Blender 2.34 released !!

So here are the version you all been waiting for this summer, and now, finally it is finished, go ahead and download and play with the latest tools!

as a beta tester it’s not a big step since i’m playing with stuff as soon as they are commited. But now if i try 2.33 again. i feel a lot of good stuff is missing.
good job to everyone.

YAY!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Yea, I have been beta testing 2.34 also and love it.

I think I will keep the beta test version instead of downloading the offical release. The beta that I have been using works perfect without any problems. Although I have seen others posting issues.

Can’t wait to see finished works to start appearing with the new features. The new particle features will probably be the biggest area everyone will be focusing.


Yahho!!! just downloading

You could run into problems with faving/loading if you use a cvs version. Sometimes things have to be converted during loading, if your version isn’t internally tagged as version “2.34” you could have some weird stuff going on…just warning you


Wahoo! :smiley:


Gj to everyone involved and cool splash Jason!!! :o :smiley:

w00t! and torrents are available too! I’ll be seeding teh linux i386 dynamic one. This time the site won’t get so overloaded; more downloaders will HELP!
:smiley: :smiley: :o :o :smiley: :smiley: :o :o :smiley: :smiley:

2.34, i’ve been waiting for this version, all the new features is why I have decided to refrain from all modeling until the version came out. I hope to DL it as soon as possible.
Now the next question, when will 2.35 be out?

Man, 2.34 rocks. The color picker is great, as is color ramping :o w00t :smiley:

“Fantastic job!” to all who worked so hard on this release.

I’ve been using the beta version, and Kansas, you’ll be glad you waited… sub-surface creasing is da’ BOMB!!!

Cool, and I have a day off tomorrow!



This is the good stuff!. I ran one of my test lab renders with the new Yafray and a photon light and it crashed with the new 2.34 version. There is no crash with the BF prerelease 2.34 version. It could be a bug in my own file setup. If someone notices this with their renders post it so that we can start a bug report.

Other than that lttle nick, this stuff is cool!

Blend on!

Hm, I tried to render with YafRay and it did the same thing.

Is the alpha 0?


Thanks to broken for using my LSCM unwrap and texture test in the LSCM online release docs too. I appreciate it.


Is the alpha 0?[/quote]

I’m going to run some more test with just a cube, a plane and some lights. Then I can take a better look at the problem.

Thanks to everyone who made 2.34 possible. I’m already using it and it looks great :slight_smile:

Your efforts are very deeply appreciated!


Don’t mention it! The more people we get doing great stuff with new features, the better. There should really be an easier mechanism for submitting images, but until then, if anyone creates any images, animations or demo files with upcoming features in production, please feel free to PM me so I can put them on the site.

And along those lines, apart from the developers (obviously) a big thankyou to all the testers, doc writers, demo file creators, web admins, and everyone in the community who made this great release possible!