Blender 2.34 Render Error!

I was attempting to render a NURBS sphere w/ transparency and reflections. I recieved the following output. This has never happened in any previous version of blender I have ever worked with.

What are all those black artifacts in the sphere? Is that supposed to be some “new feature”! :-?

strange… can you post the .blend?

I can only post images through photobucket.

What I did was

  1. Create new project in Blender 2.34
  2. Click Add->Surface->NURBS Sphere
  3. Create material for sphere
  4. Click Raymir and Ray Trans set both depths to 3
  5. Set Raymir=.77 Fresnel=.06 Fac=1.51
  6. Set RayTrans IOR=1.92 Fresnel=.3 Fac=3.61
  7. Goto render settings and click Ray and render

It is not exactly the same as above post, but is very similar and still shows the problem quite clearly.

All those settings are way over my head, but I followed them and got the same result as you.

alt-C convert to mesh, gives a render more like the intent?

yes to my experience surfaces aren’t for rendering but rather for controling things so alt+c to convert to mesh and then render that should provide the result intended. Meshes are for rendering! :wink:

jaycun: Sounds like a bug. Please file a report in the bugtracker over at

I certainly hope you are joking.


Bug report submitted!

Bug #1525 - NURBS Render Error

i’ve never been able to get nurbs to render (although i haven’t actually played with them) they always crash for some reason. I was just saying that that was my experience - not that that was soldi truth! sorry i made a fool of me again! %|

The craft in this picture is made entirely of NURBS surfaces. They rendered fine for me! You may remember posting on this thread, Prince.

It was when I rendered this project in 2.34 when I noticed something was definitely wrong. I played around with the lighting and with the settings of the sphere, but nothing worked. So I started this thread.

the black artifacts are due to the render treating each “part” of the nurbs thing as somesort of independent object, so for some reason they refelect off each other as if they are little cubes or planes


please, this is complicated stuff, and when it goes wrong, it gets even more complicated, i shall know go and eat alein heads

cya later!!