Blender 2.34 Timer property is broken

I’m running Blender 2.34 on Windows XP Pro SP1. My timer property is off by about 80%; 1 ‘Blender second’ is about 1.8 real seconds on a stopwatch :frowning: . Anybody else noticed this?

the timer isnt real time the slower the game goes the slower the timer goes and faster to faster although it would be nice to have a realtime timer and a game timer but i think you might be able to have a real time timer with python

import os, time

or something like that and convey the time into a property

just a thought

That is NOT true. Timer properties in Blender use the system clock. Every frame Blender adds the elapsed time since the last frame to all timer properties.

Depending on the timer’s resolution though, there’s a small amount of error that accumulates over time. The error would accumulate faster at higher framerates, and you’d really run into problems if the framerate was higher than the resolution of the timer.

In my experience, time.time() in Python is much lower resolution than the timer properties. On my computer time.time() has a resolution of 10 miliseconds, so if the game’s running at more than 100fps, you get major inaccuracies.

Actually, I use time.time() in a Python script elsewhere in the game. It’s much more accurate than the timer property, even though its resolution only goes 2 digits beyond the decimal point. When I display the timer property for debugging purposes, it shows 6 digits past the decimal point, but it’s wildly inaccurate.