Blender 2.34 + Yafray 0.07 recipe for disaster? how to fix.

Happy as a little child i installed Blender 2.34 + Yafray 0.07 to finish my ever ongoing project in wich i add the knowledge that i have gained in all the tutorials that i read.

Much to my horror I can’t render my creation with the Yafray option activated (any setting).

When i render just the cube that you get when you start up Blender, all works fine, until i render with the quality setting on low (or higher)
The error i get is “Fake pass: [Could not execute yafray. Is it in path?”

I de- and reinstalled, nothing seems to work.
I read that other people can work fine with the combination Blender 2.34 + Yafray 0.07.

Is the only option to return to Blender 2.33 + Yafray 0.06 or do i have to install some aditional software (like phyton?!)

The configuration i use is:
Intel P4 with a onboard graphicscard with 64 MB memory size
Windows XP pro
I installed Blender and Yafray in separate folders in the same map

you should have python installed regardeless! umm the error is bizarre - try doing this:

install yafray and blender both in program files/3d developer/ so that each has it’s own folder in this folder. if that doesn’t help i don’t know what will!

I get 2.34 and 0.0.7 to work fine. What’s weird is I couldn’t get 0.0.6 to work with 2.33a. I wouldn’t recommend going back, 2.34 has too many cool features added. It sounds like yafray isn’t being found but if that was the case it wouldn’t render the cube.

I’m not sure where yafray is supposed to be on Windows. On unix systems, it goes in /usr/local/bin. You have to make sure that Blender knows where it is. I don’t know how to set that up on Windows but if you set the yafray options to export the XML file, you can render that manually.

Just run yafray in the command line and render the XML file, which is in your yafray output directory (this is set in your user prefs).

I have installed blender 2.34 and (I think) yafray.7. Anyway, I clicked on the package and although I don’t have a clue where (or if it instalaled I created a render folder, set path to folder. Tried all the basic instructions but, no matter what, when I click render The clock appears, a black screen appears, then, after a short time the clock disappears, there is no image on screen or in folder.
Can someone suggest a solution or a basic test setting that should work. the internal renderer gives me a render file but not yafray


I use Blender 2.34 and Yafray 0.0.7 on Windows XP perfectly fine (no fiddling with environment variables, etc.).

Make sure you completely uninstall Yafray (including removal of the old directory), before you install a fresh version.

Try the Yafray forums at for help. There has been quite a few posts regarding the “file not in path” error in the past.