Blender 2.35 / Solaris 9

I have a strange problem with the new 2.35 Blender release and my Sun Ultra60 runnning Solaris 9 : menus and buttons do not refresh and get crazy until I move the mouse cursor upon those buttons.
My operating system is up to date, lastest kernel, OpenGL and videocard (XVR1000) drivers with the latest patches.
I had no problem with the 2.34 release and the same machine : Blender was compiled with the same GCC (2.95) and the same version of scons, librairies etc…

I know this is an openGL problem because everything is fixed when I connect to my station with Hummingbird Exceed (so this is my PC/ATI 9800Pro OpenGL driver which is used).

Everything was ok with the 2.34, everything is crazy now : has anybody else found a solution ?