Blender 2.35a crash-bug test

Hi everyone,

It seems like Blender 2.35a have some rather nasty issues,
here’s something someone on a forum where I hang out found:

a rather NASTY crash bug:

Retraceable steps:

  1. Press space, add text
  2. get out of text-type mode and into object mode (tab)
  3. Convert the text to Curve by pressing Alt + C
  4. Convert the Curve to mesh by pressing Alt + C again
  5. Enter editmode (tab)
  6. Select all vertices with the A button
  7. Press the U - Undo button


Does this happen for you?

Yep. you found a bug.
Blender crashed here too.

Crashes on linux


crashes even on beloved OSX!

Just checked it with the latest 2.35b on linux…


Ah well.


(Have you posted this on the bf-project bug tracker yet?)

Thanks for testing!

No, but I posted it on the relevant thread in the forums
and ElBarto put it in the bugtracker.