Blender 2.35Beta WOW!!!

Hi Everyone,

I must say that I am very impressed with the testing builds of 2.35, a very big thanks and congrats to everyone who is working on it. Using the Optimal Subsurfs and Fake-NGONS I created the following cartoon head in less then 10 minutes, which to me is a very big thing as I have never been able to create any passable organic characters before. Previously I just concentrated on doing robot and other mechanical stuff.

Anyway a big thanks to everyone.


Hmm… sorta a waste of a topic, anyone who is followin the develpoment should be impressed too,

also, the beta build doesnt have the supposed new GUI so might as well wait.

nice character though…


Do UV coordinates stay after using decimator in new version?

That’s pretty good for ten minutes!
I like the look. This deserves to be finnished.

I agree about the new tools/select modes.
There are all kinds of possabilities for making complex shapes now
that would have been very difficult to do the old way.

What is this new supposed interface?

I agree… cute character! But I can’t help but feel that he needs to have his head pulled inward around the ears. There’s alien, and then there’s just off-putting :wink:

Mr_bomb: Blender Wiki

Yes, very nicely done character.

cant wait for the release!


Hi Guys,

Thanks for all the info. That new interface stuff looks very interesting. I have pulled the ears in and added some eyes which made the character, (which for lack of a better name I have called Billy) look far better.

Unfortunately my editor has me on a very strict dead line as to when the next chapter of book two need to be finished so I am unable to work on this anymore. If anyone wants to have a go I have included a link to the blend file. Just send me a picture of where Billy goes if you do.


Where to get this 2.35 beta build? :stuck_out_tongue:

please correct the headlines… there’s no 2.35 beta…it is called 2,34 CVS and which in it still development, there’s no thing called “2.35 beta”…

and we don’t want to confuse all users…even if the wiki says “proposals for 2.35” it is still called 2.34 CVS…or snapshots from development…

please…dont confuse yourself and others!

Ok just a misunderstooding. Well I’m using some of the latest releases and can’t wait for blender 2.35. Well I think I’ve to check again afthr my holiday. I’ll miss the official release :frowning:

Hey, is that scene outliner a new addition? I can’t get the OOPs schematic to do that. I’ve been looking for a way to get that for ages. The closest I got was the file browser then pressing shift-F4 but it doesn’t do the hierarchy.

if you have a fresh cvs build of Blender load the Oops window and pick ‘View’ --> ‘Outliner’

if you have a fresh cvs build of Blender load the Oops window and pick ‘View’ --> ‘Outliner’[/quote]

Thanks ztonzy. I might have to compile it myself. The OS X build is a couple of weeks old and doesn’t have it in yet.

hu hu hu
I think I can’t breath correctly
can’t wait for the next release :slight_smile:
althought that new rounded edges theme is not my favourite
looks like win XP green and blue rounded theme, yuck !

by the way is there a prebuild of the latest cvs somewhere, or do i have to build it myself ?


I wounder when blender will have a muscle system and a cloth system without hard to install plugins.

althought that new rounded edges theme is not my favourite
looks like win XP green and blue rounded theme, yuck !

The rounded edge theme isn’t new.You can always change the theme/colors ect yourself if you don’t like your current theme.

yep I know

I’m with Ztonzy here. Calling the current CVS version a Beta release is really stretching things. Even Pre-Alpha is a little much except at certain points in the development cycle.

It is a development version. The only thing guaranteed is that it will compile. Maybe.

But there are definitely a lot of cool features in there.

Notwithstanding the ‘if user == “JesterKing”: CompileCorrectly()’ line in Scons. :wink: