Blender 2.36? Please Clarify.

I saw that there was a this thing talking about 2.36 already on the official website. Now, being the non-understanding person that I am, I dont understand if this version will only be a bugfix release, or if these are just changes that will BE in the next release. Please clairify, thanks.

Heres the link:

Mainly bug fixes, i think there might be a few small features but tahts about it. 2.37 is gonna have a major overhaul. Animation will be completely cleaned up and some new features added, and hopefully a soft body system. I doubt that the softbodies would be much like lightwave’s but it will still be helpful…

So, is 2.36 out already? Or was that stuff on the site what WILL be on it?

Yes, it’s stuff that will be in 2.36 (or stuff that has already been changed in the CVS).

Ok, Thank you for clairifying that for me!