Blender 2.36 with the new game engine features from 2.37

Hi all,
this is the Blender 2.36 with the features from 2.37, I tested the Python: getDistanceTo and it is working, I need people to test the rest of the features, if all of them are working, I will build the windows version.

Blender 2.36 with 2.37

Mouse Over - OK
Movie Player - OK
getDistanceTO - OK
JoyStick - OK


It´s great to have you as an active programmer for the game engine! Keep rockin´ ! :smiley:

dreamkatana, can you please upload the source? I could build a Windows version if you need me to :slight_smile:
By the way, is the parent to bone thing working yet? As described here?

I will, just wait some time. :smiley:

I do not know if parent to bone is working, I need a blend file to test it, or someone to test it for me. I think it’s working.

add me to your msn: [email protected]
icq: 11302242


Here we go,
plz test the new features.

Windows Version

Wow, very nice work! I have tested it, all the new features seem to be working. :smiley: However, I am noticing a lot of flickering when playing games. Do you mind posting the source? :smiley: I would very much like to take a look at it. :stuck_out_tongue:
By the way, what compiler are you using to make it on Windows?

To fix the flickering, I think that you have to set the LogicTicRate and the PhysicsTicRate.

I’m using CL and scons under windows (


All looking fine under Win2k SP4. (Also Runtimes) :smiley: Also replacing Armature-Meshes work fine. But there is still a Bug with the PhysicsTicRate. If i set a Value, Collision-Sensors and LinV Movements don’t work anymore. Maybe more.

Have You removed the Instand-ESC-Quit on Fullscreen Runtimes? That’s verry nice. Thank You.

dreamkatana, are you able to code the unoficial features of a blender 2.36 in your version. Those features where:

  • plitscreen
  • double sided lightning
  • fixed alpha
    and maybe you can make the ESC being replaced with a key combo ctrl + Q :stuck_out_tongue:

It would really rock if you where able to do that. :smiley:

I saw that Bug too with the PhysicsTicRate, this is really weird, I will try to fix it as soon as possible.

Yes I removed the ESQ key from FS and the END key.


Yes I can code that inside this version, but I do not know where I can get the source, Lagan did those features right? I will try to contact him.

About the ESC key, you can assing another key to quit the game or even a combo, I think this is the best option, having the possibility to choose what key will quit.


Here is where you can find the patch for 2.36.
Hope this helps.

I saw that Bug too with the PhysicsTicRate, this is really weird, I will try to fix it as soon as possible.

Yes I removed the ESQ key from FS and the END key.


I fixed the PhysicsTicRate bug, Kester did a lot of changes in the code, but he did not tell anyone what they do, if the new code is better, if this will speed up, there is nothing in the release notes.

I will incorporate the features request:

  • plitscreen
  • double sided lightning
  • fixed alpha

and then I will release this build.


Why is that i can’t run some of the .blend files that were saved in 2.36, in 2.37? And neather on this version :frowning: any logical reason for that?

Because the 2.37 Physics System has changed, I already fixed that, just wait my next build.


Please, can somebody with the knowledge build a MacOsX version? So that artists without those abilities can give it a try… it sounds really good…

Thank you in advance,
Gustavo Muñoz

I will contact the guy responsible for the MacOsX build at the bf-committers list, to see if he can build a new version with my patch.


i don’t know how you did it but it’s great, i will apreciate a lot a feature like force feedback and replace the use of .wav files to .mp3 files, 'cause the .wav files consumes a lot of hard disk and if you reduce the size it will sound like a a trash can.

two words dream katana…
you rock!

thanx for the time and effort (and thanx to all other people related in developing the GE!)

You’re even going to incorporate Lagan’s stuff!
(how about incorporating shadows? :slight_smile: )

thank you again!

Force feedback would be great, but I think this is not essencial right now.
I’ve done an Ogg Player Actuator, but at the end I found a bug and until now I do not know how to fix it.