Blender 2.37 Append Crash?

When I try to append objects with 2.37 Blender crashes. This doesn’t happen right after I install it, but it starts to happen after a little while. Does anyone else have this problem? I’m running Windows XP.


I am having the exact same problem. Every time I click Append… a dialog box pops up saying there was an error and Blender has to close. I’m on Win XP SP2… and using Blender 2.37a, which is SUPPOSED to be the debugged version…

Does anybody know how to fix this problem? Is it a bug in Blender or a problem with Windows?


Are you using 2.37? Updating to 2.37a might solve the problem

As I mentioned in my post, I AM using 2.37a! So that does not fix the problem…

And my video card is an nVidia 5200. I just installed the new Forceware 77.77 drivers to see if it would fix the problem, but it didn’t help any. Blender still crashes when I press Append. DOes anybody have any other suggestions? THanks

As I mentioned in my post, I AM using 2.37a! So that does not fix the problem…

I was referring to Dwarvenfuries post.

I am using 2.37a official build Win Xp Sp2 on a P3 laptop with Nvidia card and a P4 desktop with an ATI. Appending does not crash either computers but it does nothing after going through the motions of selecting something to import. Must be a bug in the a version!!


I have the same problem with blender V 2.37a.

I have 3 computers running under Windowx XP home Edition.

One is the first simple version, the others are under SP2.

I can append objects under SP2, but it crashes with the simple Win XP version… On the computer that I need to use!


  • Computer without crash: P4-3GHz 2GB Ram - Video card ATI Radeon 9250. Windows XP Home Edition SP2.

  • Computer with crash: P4-2GHz 1.5GB Ram - Video card ATI Radeon 9000. Windows XP Home Edition.

I have submitted it to the bugtracker on


I am another person having the problem of “Append does nothing” as well, on a Win2k machine with Blender 2.37a

I’m glad I found this post, I’m new (again) to Blender, and have been trying to follow tutorials, like this one:
and earlier, this one: (got that one figured out due to help from another thread)

It’s rough when a program you are trying to pick up strikes you as non-intuitive, and the tutorials you can find don’t work with the current version as they are written. :confused:

I think ROUBAL submitted the bug as: in which case, the “STATE” is “Closed” on that bug, because the problem is fixed in 2.40 alpha 1… :confused:

Anyone have a sense of whether 2.40 alpha 1 would cause more problems/headaches than it would solve for a noob like me?

Many thanks…

clausawits: You have 2 options as far as which version of Blender to use.

  1. Use Blender 2.36 to append objects into your .blend and then re-open the .blend in 2.37a.

  2. Use the 2.4 Alpha build. As far as this build goes, I have used it some, and it appears to be stable. There are new features that are fun to play with, like the fluid simulator :D, so if you’re interested in seeing some of the stuff that’ll be in Blender 2.4, you should try out the 2.4 Alpha.


If appending is doing nothing, it may be that the appended object is on an unselected layer. Make sure when you append something and don’t see it that you check all the layers.

As for the bug, I’ve never heard of this until now. There was a big problem before 2.37a with files being deleted after appending.


Thanks for that, Anthony. I should have mentioned that I checked all layers… (hitting tilde “~” sets all layers to visible, no?).

Looks like I’ll play with the alpha, and fall back to 2.37a when things start acting strange, just to double check.