Blender 2.37 compiled for AMD64 on Linux - can't append

Hi all,

I’m experiencing a really strange bug – I’m not sure if it’s just me, a compiler-related problem, or what…

I’m running Blender 2.37 on Gentoo AMD64, compiled as a 64-bit executable and so forth. Everything works great except for model appending.

I cannot seem to append even the simplest of objects to another scene. Every time I attempt to do so, I can select all the objects I want to append, but pressing “Load Library” afterwards just doesn’t do anything – nothing appears in any of the scene layers. I’ve tried to do this in both Append and Link modes; no luck.

Has anyone else come across this problem, or anything similar? If so, is there a way to fix this?

[edit: It seems like this problem isn’t regulated to just AMD64 – I can’t append on my P4 Gentoo either. I’ll give the official Blender Linux binaries a try and see what that does.]

[edit 2: The official Blender binaries also don’t seem to work. Hmm.]

If you are using Gentoo then use the command

emerge blender

That will work and download the source code for Blender 3d v2.36, then compile it. I wouldn’t suggest using a binary version of Blender, it is worth compiling for your system specs.

64 bit?? Where?? Give me site please !!!

There isn’t a full 64b version of Blender 3d, just some cheats to get some things working, that is the major problem with the 64b processors now, not too much software to take advantage fullly. If you are using Gentoo Linux you simply emerge blender (for v2.36). If you want v2.37a you have to add the media-gfx/blender ~amd64 to the package.keywords file. Yafray (with the very little testing I did) seems to actually work quite a bit faster on the 64b processor. I will be doing some more tests as soon as I get some more things installed.

It is not you, it is happening to me too. Makes Blender useless now. You cannot get your materials that you made in if you cannot import. This bug really sucks. Can someone please look into this. When you try and import in (Shitft-F1) it appears to work right, but when you select the file, then materials, there is nothing listed. Not just materials, just checked and it is everything you could import. :frowning:

Edit: As a side note the same problem exists in v2.36 also. So it could have something to do with the compiler. This really needs to be addressed quickly if more and more people start using 64b versions.

I IRCed with some fo the developers today. They don’t officially support the 64b OSes yet, but said that they would look into it. As a suggestion it would be good to get them an e-mail or something so that they could see that more than a few users are having this problem.