Blender 2 3DSMAX?

(thedude) #1

is there any way of converting blend files to 3dsmax files? I really need to know because i can’t use 3Dmax but i can blender!

(wavk) #2

Converting models is easy to 3dsmax, animation a bit more difficult. I believe there was a script some time ago on which exported animations to maxscript… But to convert a model to max, just export to VRML and import it in 3ds MAX! It works deliciously, it doesn’t even triple the model, which most apps tend to do. If your models are all rotated and moved in strange directions if you import your file, that can be fixed. Select all your objects in Blender and press Ctrl+a to apply size/rot. Now export again.

Have fun,


(thedude) #3

cheers, what is VRML (excuse my ignorance) ?

(S68) #4

Virtual Reality Markup Language (or something similar)


(sten) #5

not for animations…but for models…

why not export to DXF-format from 3D Studio MAX --> Blender…

would work for models… :wink:


(acasto) #6

I expoted my head (the one I made, not my own) as DXF into Maya, and it worked fine, Maya has a setting where you can change the up axis from Y to Z which would make it work with blenders axis system. The only thing, when I tried to convert it to sub-surf on Maya it seemed to treat every face as it’s own mesh…??? I don’t really know, I might have to check out Maya’s sub-surf system, maybe it’s just not picking it up.

(meestaplu) #7

DXF export (at least without a script) is messed up, but you can use VRML. Before you export this way, though, you have to delete the camera; otherwise Blender uses the camera rotation and location as the origin. This really messes up the locations of your objects.