Blender 2.4 Texture Button Equivalent in 2.69?

I am attempting to do this Blender 2.4 tutorial in Blender 2.69:
(this tutorial hasn’t been updated to 2.6).

On page:
where it says:

“the pressed button means that when we switch to the Map Input and Map To panels, we will be making changes to this texture channel.”

I have been unable to find the equivalent of this button in Blender 2.69. I have added the three textures, but unlike as shown in Blender 2.4, the textures do not appear as buttons. Where is this function in Blender 2.69?

Well, this has been changed since Blender 2.5, so instead of having the textures as buttons you have them as a list, and the highlighted texture is the equivalent to the Blender 2.49 “pressed button”.