Blender 2.40 - it´s official and out NOW!

Go and get it!


Lift the burden on

Changelog/new-features (read this before saying how stupid a new change is, it might save your ego down the road):

nice :slight_smile:
any idea when this is going to be available on repositories for easy dl & install for linux?

and AMD64 builds?

amazing when its all together listed, how much great new stuff in .40

all those who wern’t using cvs, enjoy!!! (and everyone else too) =D

aww, i wanted to be the first one to post this news, but this time my luck ran out :frowning: ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) (i was the first one to post news about 2.37)

anyway… Cool. Gonna be a fantastic release!

does a little jig


does a little jig

How handy, hmm really usefull for strand rendering.


now to get a 2 button mouse on this mac…

Yes! A big thanks to all those who worked on coding/development/documentation to get this great release!

Happy holidays everyone!



Hey when’s 2.41 Coming out? :stuck_out_tongue: (J/k i’ll let somebody post that one in a month or two :wink: )

Seriously though, the coders did phenomenal work and all deserve a pat on the back over the internet. THANK YOU!

Many many thanks and congratulations to Ton and all the contributors and beta testers for making this incredible release possible :smiley:


Ooooo no no no no no no no no
It have problem in vertex groups link parent
no link in real-time it’s meaning no armature character in game
try link armature with vertex groups and see it in real-time
no no no no no no

Hey RobertT - congratulations on the “Splash screen”! :slight_smile:


Thanks to everyone who worked on this - great effort, and now we have so many new things!

Thank you JoOngle :slight_smile: It’s very exciting and such an honor.


I can’t contain my excitement. I don’t know where to start, I’m just reading release logs and pressing buttons at random…bliss. Good work developers!

I am rely sorry
I now it’s hard work
Good work every one :smiley:
i am sorry
This is the link to test file


someone needs to get cgtalk to post this blender release on their site.
(that rotating information thingy)

this is great! but but where’s the explode modifier?

hey guys, i just wanted to say i live in Australia, and the Australia links for microsoft dont wont, but its ok i just downloaded from the US link.

oh now you can do my tutorial yay

my my particles with 2.40 tutorial