Blender 2.40 release notes

Hi all,

here is the WIP of the release notes

The links do not currently go to the correct page, so please ignore the links :slight_smile:

I need to get permission for some of the planned to use pics yet - also I would like to probably replace the following pics

Inverse Kinematics (a nice IK rig)
Display Methods (preferably showing ghosts or path in 3d view)
Posing (show an interestingly posed rig, probably with xray bones on)
Deformation Methods (not sure…)
Drivers (Show sliders and a face setup probably)
(for Hair - I already have a huge possible selection, just didn’t put it in yet)
Soft Body Dynamics (not sure?)
UV Tools (a nice looking UV unwrap)
Mesh Editing (edge ring select on a face )
Transforms (not sure)
Python API (not sure)

also brief video tutorials on each of the subsections mentioned in the notes would be good. (We have hard body dynamics, and another is in progress on unwrapping plus there are others but don’t recall off hand)


One section I see missing would be for the many little changes that could surprise (e.g. the new ways of editing the text/number buttons ; how it is now possible to duplicate a bunch of linked vertices with a simple ctrl + LMB ; how this same method allow instant extrusion… stuff like that)
Also, I don’t remember seeing anything about the new text tools : although they may not bring the exitement of fluids or softbodies to the masses I, for one, am very glad to see them there !



Wow - I didn’t know that was there. Good feature.


I may be wrong but a new bollean system was added(?), i don’t see it in the release notes

Among the modifiers they will.


the material layers are only an orange branch feature?

thanks for the work guys!

Yup. But you can still use it with one of the testbuilds so graciously provided in the forums at :slight_smile:

Yup. But you can still use it with one of the testbuilds so graciously provided in the forums at :)[/quote]

One should be forewarned though that any serious work with it might be lost or made incompatible with a later official release in case of (very likely) changes.
So you can have fun, you can learn, but working with it ? Ummm…


P.S. If you think that you are going to die before all those goodies are released : maybe you have better things to do with so little time than blending ? Go kiss you mother !

what material layers are you guys talking about? did i miss something?

Yes you did.
Go fetch an Orange branch compile in the testing builds of : it’s in there and should make its way into 2.41 I guess.


cekuhnen: it’s basically a method of layering materials on top of each other, with several blending options such as mix, add, subtract, screen, etc. the mesh gets exported only once into the renderer, but shaded multiple times i believe, so it’s gonna increase render time depending on the material settings of course. reason why this feature was needed was for better control over skin shading and several other material types. with layered materials you can easily mix more ramps, have them influence the shadows and so on…
another cool byproduct is that bump information doesnt get passed on… or that you can also only influence alpha, spec or diffuse. you can also color the shadows more by negating normals or with the fresnel shader…

some other cool goodies in orange branch are 1D stress material mapping [to influence blend textures based on the edge stress on a deformed model] and true tangent [aniso] shaders [which are using UV information for now, so you have to unwrap your models… yeah that’s silly!]
using light groups for influence on the shading is also nice, but havent tested that so far…

maybe i should blog about that stuff?

ps: while i really like this new feature… a nodal editor for shading and compositing is coming up, too!


Oh ya : that’d be one of the good articles on the blog.





Yeah, it’s sweet!

Please Blog if you have the time.

I was always hoping that Blender’s video sequencer would get a nodal editor for effects - this will be a great improvement.

And also the material editor…wow.

I guess I’ll be using the Orange branch from now :wink: - if the Orange team works with this I think my files will work in future versions of Blender - right?

I’m not sure if you’ll need this, but I thought it was pretty cool

transparency in 3d window

‘Frustration’ is not spelled ‘furstration’ :stuck_out_tongue: but im sure your spellchecker will pick it up :slight_smile:

Anyways, looks like a great release :slight_smile:

whoa whoa, is this actually in it? I could use this. I use transparencies all the time, and they show up as solid opaque objects in the 3d window.

it sure is, make a material, set the alpha to say 0.5, then go to the object buttons and click “transp”

EDIT: something even cooler, same thing with 4x AA in real time 8)