[Blender 2.40] speed curve in lpo>shape graph


I’m just trying to use absolute vertex keys to animate my mesh … and I have a problem, I can’t find the speed shape in the graph showed in the documentation:
Where can I find this curve ?

In fact, my problem is not just that … I made acout 100 keys in about 100 frames.
But when I try to add the 101st key, it is not displayed in my animation.
I think it is possible to see why it does not work if only I could see the speed curve …

Thanks for help


That’s an old feature (I don’t remember exactly when it disappeared).

For your problem, Blender will interpolate between keys if the animation is not supposed to be jerkey. So there is no need to use a key at every frame, unless for some reason you want the object to flash from one state to another 25 times per second. For example, morphing from a Cube to a Sphere can be done over 100 frames (4 seconds) with only 2 Keys; frame 1 a cube and frame 100 a sphere (and you just saved yourself 98 keys).

Since there are a finite number of available keys per object (I thought it was 64 but if you got 100 it probably changed) you only want to use keys where obvious changes happen.


Thanks … but in fact, I imported my meshes from a 3ds file. So I prefer set all meshes given tu keys.

And… Where can I find the speed curve shown in documentation. In my LPO window, there is no such curve.
And why new keys (after the 100th frame and after y=1.0 in the LPO graph) are not displayed during the animation ?


oi yoi yoi,

Where can I find the speed curve

Like I said the Speed Curve is gone, not there, it’s an old feature, Kaput. I don’t know which version exactly when they left it out but version 2.23 still had it.

And why new keys (after the 100th frame and after y=1.0 in the LPO graph) are not displayed during the animation ?

Because there are only 100 per object.


A possible work around, if you want to extend animation after the 100 frames
1)pull down the header bar to reveal the edit panel,
2)click on the edit methods
3)click on "IPO"under the duplicate with object section, [to deselect it? seems backwards??]works though.
4)at frame 100 [shift-D] your mesh object,

Now you have a new object to add 100 new keyframes (in frame 100 you can set the material alpha of original mesh to zero…rememeber to set it to 100% in frame 1, [I-key with mouse in material tab)
First mesh is displayed from frame 1-100 then alpha’d out in frame 100 as second duplicate mesh is alpha’d in at frame 100.
Or use the sequence editor and brake down your scenes into 100 key frame blocks.
#check in the render panel to ensure end frame is above 100… just wondering if the import is setting the end frame??