Blender 2.40

Is it just me, or does everything to do with gameblender on 2.40 suck? I mean, it just doesn’t work.

I was so happy for bullet, now it is here, and I find it equally cool to poop (which I do not find very cool).

2.40 GameBlender is broked.

Dude, pooping is awesome its like… pooping
and bullet is like poop its awesome and everything else is broked but oh well
bullet is like pooping

I Freaked myself out on that one

No no no, you gots it all wrong.

poopING is awesome, but poop it’s self sucks.

Nothing works in bullet man, everything is like poop. Do you find the same results? err… same pooop?

It seems that things like adding object actuator has been pooped on, try adding i dynamic cube from an empty.

I can’t believe how rude you individuals are - the game engine coders worked their asses off for free and all you can do is complain. Feel free to purchase a different game engine if you don’t like that which comes with Blender, or feel free to go back to 2.37a or earlier or wait for the next release.


i wasn’t complaining. i’ve been playing with the game engine since i got it. the bullet engine is great and i am looking forward to playing with it alot longer and again i was not complaining the 2.40 release is great

The problem is, that more programmers contribute toward other stuff then working on the game engine and the result is often poop. Perhaps if programmers start doing more work on the Game Engine itself, it wouldn’t poop so much.