BLENDER 2.40a IS OUT (Where is SubSurf?)

Check this out:

This is so great, well except for the fact that SubSurf is nowhere to be found… Anyone know where it might be?

Nevermind… Subsurf is found under the editbuttons and modifiers %|

You beat me to it…

Hey, because of that last post, I am no longer a “Forum Newbie”!!! Sweet!


Hey! SubSurf isnt there!
I’ve found only subdiv option under W button, but not SubSurf.

ugh, Sorry, found it

I would suggest checking out and building Blender from CVS more often. It will tremendeously help to lower number of these panicking posts…:wink:

Not to sound like a weiner… but if its been released as of today 22DEC05… where are the downloads available from?

All the download links I can find, still point to 2.37a (as of 13:53 EST)

DracoFodder: The final version hasn’t been released yet. The release notes he’s linking to are for the 2.40 Alpha version.


“Oh bother!”

And I got myself all excited too.


where can i download blender 2.4?

If its possible…

Ok…so if this is only an alpha release, does anyone have an idea of when the actual final will be released, and can someone tell me the difference?

Thanks, LC

well would you look at that 2.40 has now been released :smiley: