Blender 2.41 Installing Question

Hey ya’ll, i just went to download blender 2.41 and it the pre-installation thingy opened fine, got the installation icon on my desktop, but when it actaully gets to the installing part it says it can’t write over blender. Here’s an image of what it says:

Do i have to uninstall Blender 2.40? And if i do, will i lose all my blender files if i don’t back them up?


You don’t need to uninstall the previous version, and you won’t lose your blender files.
It looks to me like blender is still running. So close down blender and retry. To make completely certain blender isn’t running anymore fire up the windows control manage (ctrl+alt+del). Kill all blender processes you can find.

By the way I just installed blender 2.41 myself on windows xp sp2. Not any problem at all.

For 2.40 I used the installer and it installed over my 2.37a which I didn’t want, so this time I’m trying the zip.
If I remember right from the last time it should just work by unzipping to a folder you specify.
So I suggest you try that.

smacks forehead Of course! Thanks Crouch, Blender was still running. i had left it open because i was taking screenshots for my current tutorial. I’ll try and download now. thanks again!