Blender 2.41 release is soon, with emphasis on GE updates!!!

Hi all,

From the official developer meeting earlier today, Blender will be getting a 2.41 release soon ( possibly as soon as a week ), so please test your GE content with the latest build as much as you can, and give feedback etc.

It would be great to get everyone moved from 2.37 and earlier, to take advantage of the new modelling features in 2.40.


OK, new 2.41 builds will begin to appear on the offical Blender Testing forum, which is the best place to get them, and report bugs on them. Testing Forum

You can ignore Orange builds for now, they won’t have the GE enabled… keep to sticky builds that mention 2.41 in the title.

Here are a few so far…



Having a single update to date, fully working GE version in 2.41 will IMHO focus GE development ( at the moment, there are a number of different builds, so it’s hard to keep up to date with the version that has all of the new features, esp for cross platform versions ).

The GE developers, including Erwin, SnailRose, DreamKatana and Lagan, all need a great pat on the back for their continued hard work!


Blessed people
They deserve to be rewarded
A special GE fund campaign?
I’m in

2.41 already? And with a focus on the game engine? Wow, I thought that the 2.4 GE build would just be its own separate build but now it gets its own official release apparently. The game engine finally gets the focus it hasnt been getting since 2.25.

lets hope alpha textures finally work, without the BGLaplha script they’re still too crappy to use. Also, an improvement in the number of objects/polys capable of displaying at good frames would be nice

WOOW!! It’s like my birthday… only I’m not a year older!!! w000t!! ^5s.
I am SO anxious to get to use 2.4+, I’ve been stuck using 2.36 for as long as I’ve known about Blender.

Keep up the good work, I will be testing 2.40 - I have already posted something I found with the Save As Runtime feature:

YEEHAH! Game Engine is the best! Even though I’m not good at it! I will love to have the game engine being developed more than it already has been. Can’t wait for CrystalSpace to come out.

I’ve been trying to make a FPS on the game engine, and everything was working nice and dandy, then when I used radiosity to get the colors to work in solid/textured mode, I can go through models (instead of getting stopped by them)

Something to add to the GE would be a mouselook script, so you don’t need to get the python script to do a mouselook, and add an actuator like ‘mouselook’. Just my opinion!

Here some feedback.
I have found what I think might be a bug or broke.
since. 2.36.There is no sound in my project. in version 2.40.
Here is what I have tried.I have loaded a project that has sound working in 2.36
I have tried a new project in 2.40.To just load a sound
and play it back from the sound block interface.
And from a logic brick setup.
Maybe someone else can confirm this also.

Other than that every thing else works great!

Fantastic job.

This is a GameEngine and Python plus bugfix release - basically these are things that we had planned/hoped to have for 2.40 (the armatures for the GE, and the remaineder of the animation api for python, and a few scripts) but didn’t make it. Of course the shaders and a few other things are nice additions as well that weren’t planned but will be great to have.


Cool The Gameengine Is Great And Now It’s Going To Get Even Better!

I Dont Think We Need A Mouselook Actuator Because The’re Not Very Hard To Make Heres One I Made

# Import Modules
import Rasterizer

# Get Controller & Owner
cont = GameLogic.getCurrentController()
own = cont.getOwner()

# Sensors & Actuators
M_Move = cont.getSensor("M_Move")
RotX = cont.getActuator("RotX")
RotY = cont.getActuator("RotY")

# Values
Width = Rasterizer.getWindowWidth()
Height = Rasterizer.getWindowHeight()
Xpos = M_Move.getXPosition()
Ypos = M_Move.getYPosition()
Rot = own.getOrientation()[2][2]

########## Constraints ##########
XSensitivity = 0.003
YSensitivity = 0.003
TopMax = -0.9
LowMax = 0.9

# Get The Offset
OfX = -(Width/2-Xpos)*XSensitivity
OfY = -(Height/2-Ypos)*YSensitivity

if OfY < 0 and Rot > TopMax:
elif OfY > 0 and Rot < LowMax:



it could probably be better

oh, and heres a demo blend

Awesome. I’m really glad the GE is being worked on.

GREAT to see the GE being worked on ! ! ! :smiley:

My suggestions:
Fix this bug.
Fix Add objects so that you will not be able to see the edges when Mist is on.
Add a Subtract filter (Like Add, only the opposite)
Make Messages appear in the console
It should stop crashing when I’m using the Sound buttons!

PlantPerson - did you post the bugs in the bug tracker?

The devs don’t have time to read every forum post - so if you want it fixed report it in the tracker…



1- I did not notice any problem with your file, try to use Blender 2.40 the latest build.
2- Could you provide a .blend.
3- I will see what I can do.
4- What you mean?
5- Could you provide a .blend.



I think this would be an excellent update to the GE, if it was possible…

Allow for more than one material per object.

For example, take a simple cube, and apply 3 different colours to it ( red, green and blue ).

Now, if you could press P and see the cube in the GE with the same red, green and blue faces, that would totally rock!!!

When I was converting the XSI exporter to support multiple materials per object ( for the Shockwave 3D converter ), it required a bit of extra coding but was a relatively straightforward change compared to the extra benefits of the feature.



1- I did not notice any problem with your file, try to use Blender 2.40 the latest build.
2- Could you provide a .blend.
3- I will see what I can do.
4- What you mean?
5- Could you provide a .blend.


  1. I’ll see what I can do, but it’s pretty easy to see. Turn on Mist in a game and make some planes with Add turned on. As they go further off into the mist, they begin to appear as glowing squares, rather than simply vanishing into the mist.
  2. I’ve always thought it would be great if messages would appear in Blender’s console window: i.e. if you sent a message with subject “hi” inside the game using the Message actuator, the console would print “Message: hi”
  3. Maybe this problem has been fixed. I haven’t tested it on newer versions. The problem is not with any specific .blend file, blender just crashes a lot when I click on any of the sound buttons.

I also remembered: Shadow planes should be restored to their full functionality, the way they were in 2.25. They tend to be kind of finicky.

Oh, and something else that would be cool:
A “Parent” actuator: it would let you parent and deparent objects within the game (this would be most useful if it could work for dynamic objects) This could be used for elevators, for example. When the character steps on the elevator, he is parented to it, and deparented when he steps off.

Here’s an example file of the Mist/add bug:

It has the same artifacts on my Linux box

Maybe you should post a screenshot as well?

Good bug to fix

is there possiblities for a 2d gui setups in the GE environment? I’m refering to the idea of not having to create planes and mapping the texture onto them for menus.

Keep up the great work

It’s all good to see

Testing Stuff as we speak

Thanks All

Dr S