Blender 2.43 (2.42.3)::Multitexture UVs

Is there any way to have access in Python to the:
Editing (F9) -> UV Texture
UV channels in Python? I already update my export script, and I definetly would like to integrate the multitexture UVs to it (I was kinda really waiting for that), is there any way I can do it? Or I should wait for the new “official” API release?

see the commands with UVLayer in the name

OK sweeeeet, but now how can I can get the UVs for all the layers? Shouldn’I first set the UV layer then get its UV’s?

Ok got it!
tmp = mesh.getUVLayerNames()
mesh.activeUVLayer = tmp[0]

mesh.activeUVLayer = tmp[1]

tks man!