Blender 2.43 autosaves when it shouldn't!

I’m currently working on some files that are over half a gig in size. I will hopefully never have to open them again after today! They’re difficult to work with, that’s for sure.

One of the problems I’ve run into with them is that whenever Blender tries to autosave them, it becomes unresponsive for a couple of minutes. In fact, the whole computer slows right down! And of course, the temp files quickly chew up all my space on the C drive. So I turned “Save Temp Files” off and saved my preferences. This used to work for older versions of Blender.

But now in 2.43 I keep running into a weird problem where it keeps autosaving even when the button is switched off! There seems to be nothing I can do about it. I’m getting extremely frustrated :mad:. I can’t work out what interval it’s saving at, sometimes they’re maybe 10 minutes apart, but other times it’s less frequent.

Why would this be happening?

Go to the lower left corner of the standard 3d grid, select user preferances, then go to auto save, and ajust it to your wishes.

As I already said in my first post, I have turned “save temp files” off in the user preferences. This used to work, but in 2.43 Blender is autosaving again despite the option being turned off.

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Are you sure it is producing autosave files? Like in your temp directory? I’m thinking it may just be hiccuping on some large internal process like swapping textures around or something, which looks like autosave, but actually is the OS doing some disk swapping. And if you changed the pref in one file, but opened another…there it is again. some prefs are saved with each file, not universal. so double check that. The fact that it is random tells me it is a network refresh, an OS doing some housekeeping, a virus checking kicking in, your iTunes going to the Apple store to get the latest update, your Real player…you know, all that background stuff that normally takes a millisecond, but since Blender being a fun hog, is taking longer.

Hehehe :slight_smile: Sorry for not writing, yes I’ve been busy.

It’s definitely saving temp files in my c: mp directory. That’s how I know it’s an autosave problem. I’ve realised that it IS every 10 minutes. Sometimes the computer doesn’t slow down so much and I don’t notice it’s saving, but I’ve watched the tmp directory and it’s still doing it.

I’ve saved my preferences with autosaves turned off, and I’ve told Blender to keep my interface when I open new files. So it’s ALWAYS turned off. And yet it’s still saving :frowning:

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PS. reboot after saving changes to user prefs.

I haven’t made any changes to user prefs for months! I turned off “save temp files” sometime last year! Like I said, it worked until Blender 2.43. I could roll back to an older version, but I’d rather stay with the newer one if I can.

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Hmmmm… well, it’s already off in this file. I could turn it on, save it, close it, open it again, turn it off, save it, then reboot and see what happens. I’m rendering at the moment, though, so I’ll have to wait until later.

ok. I’ll wait for you. like I always have. and probably always will. (sigh). In the meantime, please submit a bug report, with your file, note your OS too, and then (I know this is wierd) ENABLE autosave but set it to the max, like every 999 minutes.