Blender 2.43 preview 10: Show Physics Visualization

Preview 10 adds a new option in the Game Menu: Show Physics Visualization, this should help debugging physics, collision and related issues.

Download, report bugs/feature request here:


WOW! you rock Erwin! Thank you this looks cool :slight_smile:

Just though I’d illustrate this new feature


and after

this will make all our lives much easier


Oh dear… That truly is amazing!

-being able to view the collsions meshes! Excellent work Erwin!

that looks great Fobsta!

Can you see some collision meshes are not alighned with the graphics? In particular, boxes always need to be around the object center, not shifted.

Thanks for suggesting this feature, it was already built-into Blender 2.42, but very difficult to access (python script etc)

Can you make a movie of that?

As soon as you see the collision meshes - it’s like blinding flash of light - oh so that’s why it doesn’t behave like I want it to!

I’ll have a go at making a movie when I finish the last two parts. Hopefully very soon.

That is amazing! neat mousetrap game :slight_smile: Here is something to squish your movie when you make it… can turn AVI into SWF…

Wow, keep up the awesome job Erwin!

Erwin you did it again man! This is going to help solve a lot of problems. A thousand thanks = ) Oh and that’s a very neat demo fobsta.